Thursday, December 23, 2010

Next Step

So I've now completed my Primary Care, Psychiatry and Emergency Medicine rotations. 6 to go.

Next up in Long Term Care. This rotation is normally a big snooze, but I've heard that I'll see some really complicated patients and that the preceptor loves to teach. I'm actually looking forward to it. It's not going to take place in an actual long term care site. We'll rotate through a hospital visiting the preceptor's private practice patients and also rotate through an acute care/rehab facility. There is also a nursing home that we're officially affiliated with, but I've heard we spend minimal time there. It should be a good experience.

As graduation comes closer plans need to start to be made. We all know that I'm a big planner. Love me some planning. Right now it looks like I'll be moving from my apartment at the end of the summer, and most likely leaving my roommate. I don't know if he's aware of this. But since he's going and getting all engaged this summer (and consequently married the next summer) I'm looking for someone a little more long term. So I'm going to be moving in with a long time friend (who happens to have the name last name as my current roommate). His roommate (also a long time friend of mine) is going to be moving in with his girlfriend (another long time friend). (I have a lot of friends)

We're going to ignore the fact that a bunch of my friends are moving in with significant others.

I've started the wheels on some professional plans. I'm a little nervous to share these online, so I'll remain vague. I have already decided on a place I'm applying to. I'll be applying this upcoming spring, and will know if it's happening before I graduate (end of August). We'll call this "Plan A." We want Plan A to be successful, although it wouldn't be heart breaking if it didn't. Plan B is applying for jobs shortly before and following graduation. There is nothing special about that.

Want a short summary on Emergency Medicine? Okay!

It was ehhh. It's interesting to see totally random things, but it can often be slow. I also never got to work in the high acuity section. The patients I saw did often get admitted, but no one ever seemed to be in imminent danger. As soon as I had a patient that I found interesting they would be admitted. I would never get to see what happen to them. This is how I know Emergency Medicine isn't for me. Definitely would prefer a Hospitalist or maybe Critical Care job. Those rotations aren't until the very end. That's okay though. I should be well prepared to kick ass by then.