Wednesday, October 28, 2009

Stopped Caring and Still Succeeding

We had our Heme/Onc test today. My class threw a fit during the exam review. I personally had no beef with the test. Was it hard? Yes. The answers don't just jump out at you like other subjects. You have lots of lab values to think about before you can come up with an answer. Everyone started blaming the faculty for not preparing us enough and not telling us what to study. Are they kidding me? They give us the objectives and the tests are made from it. If one of the guest lecturers didn't cover an objective then look it up.

I don't know if anyone actually complained that the test wasn't representative of the objectives. I can't comment on this because I didn't even look at the objectives. There is an insane number of objectives. I can't effectively study if I worry about everyone of those objectives. I just study the power point notes and assume that the major stuff will be covered. It's working out okay for me. Not to toot my own horn, but I literally read over the power points once. You can effectively study from them. I didn't see anything on the test that wasn't on the power points. People were claiming that you had to study other classes' materials to do well. Not true.

However, my professor's response to their complaints threw me off the deep end. She was telling us that we HAVE TO DO THE READING and that power points aren't enough to pass. She said that we need to be staying in every weekend and doing work every single night after school. Hey lady, this weekend I didn't leave my dining room table. I literally spent over 24 hours studying last weekend. As for needing to read to pass - that is bull shit. First off, there is NO TIME to do extra reading. The amount of material in the lectures is overwhelming enough. Second off, reading is not required to pass. I'm proof of this. I've never done any of the scheduled reading and I'm doing just fine. The faculty hides behind Reading is necessary for when students call them out on not covering something.

Anyway Pathophys and Heme/Onc were not aced, but comfortably passed. That is the mission objective. Mission accomplished.

Saturday, October 24, 2009

Tuesday, October 20, 2009

Day off before a Pathophys test and what do I do? Studying? Hell no. I make chili and pumpkin bread for the review session later today. Duhhh

Topics on test: Eyes, Ears, Pulmonary, Cardiac, Hematology, Cellular Phys/Inflammation

Baby's First Fail

I got an estimated 78 on my Clinical Micro test last week. Passing is 80. Womp. I hate micro. It's all memorizing. There is nothing to figure out. I need ideas to put together. Things that require memorizing have never worked out well for me. If you give me a pathology where I'm asked the general symptoms or mechanism of action I often will just figure it out during the test, and not have them previously memorized.

Cry for me.

Tuesday, October 13, 2009


Aced Dermatology, but slightly annoyed I couldn't pull off a 100.

Passed Anatomy with a greater margin than anticipated.

Monday, October 12, 2009

A Day of Revelations

I went to the podiatrist today because I always get bad leg pain when standing for too long. I figured I should finally do something about this before I had to hang out in the hospitals for long periods of time. What she told me blew my mind away. MY RIGHT LEG IS SHORTER THAN MY LEFT!!! Evidently my knees do some crazy movements in order to keep the upper half of me aligned, which she said I do very well all things considered. I don't understand the mechanics of it all but it somehow forces me to put too much weight on my heels and my knees hurts cause I move them too much when I walk. Somehow orthotics will fix this. This is also evidently why the tongues of my shoes always love laterally. Crazy.

The other revelation....

We got the rest of this semesters schedule today. Can you say 2 exams a week for the rest of the year? Strike me dead now.

This Week:

Tests in Dermatology and Clinical Microbiology.

I feel more prepared for one over the other. Can you guess which?

Friday, October 09, 2009

More Lesbians than Gays kicked out of the Army

These people are clueless. The reason there is a "disproportionate" amount of lesbians being kicked out of the military is because lesbians are much more likely to join the armed forces than gay men. Helllloooo, just look at Shambo on Survivor.

Thursday, October 08, 2009

Octobre, no es bueno.

This month we have 8 exams. 2 Pharmacology, 1 Pathophysiology, 1 Anatomy, 1 Clinical Micro, 1 Derm, 1 Heme/Onc, 1 HEENT.

I so far have taken the Derm/ANS Pharm test (98) and the HEENT practical (94).

The pharm test was easy for me, but I'm nervous about the next tests because they're more names and less concept.

The HEENT practical was pretty hilarious. My class-bffl and I happened to be partnered together. He was a nervous mess. He introduced himself as a "Physician Student Assistant..... Student." Couple this with the fact that he's from the Dominican Republic and has learned English over the course of the past 4-5 years. He did a good job. The only problem was that he was having crazy coughing fits. He didn't cough all day except for this. It was kind of funny how many times he had to stop to cough. But the thing that got my professor literally bending over laughing was when he was doing the otoscopic exam on me and just started coughing all over my face. She also was the fear in my eyes when he was checking my throat. Why not guarantee I get the Spanish Influenza and cough right into my throat! It was also really funny how high he jumped and how loud he yelled when he was racking his brain for the thing he missed. "THE SINUSES!!!!!"

I think I took the cake though. I went through my practical and at the end I asked how much time I had left. She told me 15 minutes, half the total amount of time. I MUST have forgotten something huge. I had never gone through the examination that fast. I went through all my motions and couldn't figure it out. I don't know how it dawned on me, but I remembered. In a state of shock and embarrassment I said aloud, "O-M-G, I didn't take vitals." My friend and professor both gave the biggest sighs of relief once I said that.

Today I took the Anatomy test. That was not good. The written part I think I did fine (read as: passing) because I knew AT LEAST half the answers and the rest I was able to get down to two possible answers. I'm assuming I follow the laws of probability.

The practical on the other hand. God who knows. I'm just hoping for passing. Thank god they made this class pass/fail.