Tuesday, May 30, 2006

They Have Some Nerve

Today I had my first day of Physics for Science Majors at Adelphi University. I was expecting a normal sized class (relative to my school) of about 20-30 people, but nope it's a quite intimate setting of 8 people. No hiding from the professor or even thinking about looking at my cell phone in this class...

The teacher asked each of us where we go to school. There are 3 people from Adelphi, 1 Duke, 1 Cornell, 1 BC and 1 Binghamton. He also asked how much calculus each of us have had and the majority had taken calc 3 and everyone else, excluding myself had taken at least calc 2. So if I didn't feel like the inferior liberal arts college kid to the Duke, Cornell and BC people, I now felt inferior to basically everyone. What are they even doing taking this class. Calculus isn't even a prereq.!!!!! They should all be done with this class. Bastard squirrels...

At least when I told the Chem. major from Cornell that I was Bio.Med.Sci. and the only reason I was taking this was for the MCATs she shuddered with horror.

Friday, May 26, 2006

Note to Self the Billing Department Is Full of Bitches

I saw X-Men 3: The Last Stand last night at midnight. My friends and I all showed up around 10:30 to the theater but we were allowed in around 11 which was nice. I don't want to give anything away but I did not see a lot of the things that happened to happen. Regardless of how I feel about these things it made the movie great. Best X-Men yet. (Hopefully and probably not last) And I dare say the best superhero movie yet. Screw you Spidey.

If you go see it make sure to stay after the credits. There is a very important scene which infuriates me that they put at the end that they know most people are going to miss.

Today I started calling my health insurance to solve some of the multitude of problems we seem to be facing. There was one lab test that was miscoded and then not covered so I have to get my doctor to resubmit or something....I don't know. Had a ton of blood work tests done to prepare me for my internship next semester but those were filed under the wrong person. I don't know how they managed to pull that one off. I'm still going to have to pay those bills off since they were preventative tests as opposed to medical. Looks like registering for that damn internship really isn't over...AHHHHHHH WORST SYSTEM EVER

Thursday, May 25, 2006

Boom! The Same in Inglés and Spanish

Imagine, if you will, two cars facing each other across an intersection. Both are planning on turning on to the same three lane road, but the car making a left turns into the left lane and the car making a right crosses two lanes and tries to enter the left lane. I'm not positive but I think there is some law in physics that states that two objects cannot occupy the same space at the same time. Regardless, it makes a nice dent in the cars.

So, I go to ask the other woman if she's okay and then find out that she doesn't speak any English. So I break out the gringo Spanish and find out that it's her sister's car and blah blah blah. Call the cops and stop the woman from leaving because "todos no es bueno." I found out that "espera," which is the Spanish term for "wait" is only taught in the gringo Spanish classes. She didn't seem to like it when I said "no sale," which I think means "don't leave." The cops then arrive and tell us to move into the parking lot next to us. I move into it but the Latina doesn't seem to be able to figure out how to turn the wheel to get the car to go into the lot. No joke, she reversed, went forward, reversed again, went forward, reversed again and then had to be yelled at by the cop to turn into the lot. The rough draft police report tells me that she doesn't have a drivers license and it from Hempstead.

I pose this question to you: which person made the right hand turn?

*It's not nice to judge people by using stereotypes, but they can be painfully accurate.

Wednesday, May 24, 2006

I Know What I'm Doing In 2038

<--- Yes, it's true. I don't really care for them that much, but I do appreciate that they gave rise to the likes of Kelly Clarkson.

So, today I did what I do best, planned for the future!!!! I sometimes think that I suffer from some kind of OCD when it comes to planning things. Today I started thinking about what short-term abroad studies I might want to do next year. Hmmm, Greece or Italy? Now that's not too bad. But today I also started thinking about what residency programs I might want to do. Actually, that's a lie. I was thinking about what fellowship programs I might want to do.... I know, I know. Infectious disease? or will I just see HIV patients all day? Yes I'm aware that I haven't even taken orgo yet, but I've already done all my researching for D.O. school. Gotta keep moving along.

In all fairness though this obsession does come in very handy. Had I not been so overly on top of things then I probably would have never gotten myself out of my dorm, registered for my internship, watched all 10 of the TV shows I followed this season (God I need a life) or been able to pull this summer off. (If this summer does get the best of me it WILL NOT be from a lack of planning. It will more likely have something to do with the Physics professor from India that I have, the closing shifts at work or numerous shadowings I have in the works.) And if I wasn't a little crazy then I doubt I would be seeing X-Men 3 Thursday night because frankly my friends are fairly useless at things like this. I'm the organizer, the gatherer, mover and shaker. (The personality test said so!)

I also enjoy figuring out my schedule every semester and updating my four-year plan accordingly. I’m not even kidding. I guarantee that I could be a better advisor than most of the ones in my school in any field, just give me 15 minutes with the course requirements. I’ve also had a number of teachers give me a weird look when I ask for a LoR and tell them that the due date isn’t until March 1, 2007. But some of them then commend me on getting an early start. Med school applications don’t have shit on me. I guess if the whole med school thing doesn’t work out I could just be some famous person’s manager.

If it's a girl: Abby
If it's a boy: NOT Michael, I'm a little more creative than that. Damn it I just had a good one the other day. Jacob, Ethan, Josh and Job stick out. I'm not Jewish but I do like a number of Hebrew names. I seem to also have a thing for J's...

Tomorrow I replace bricks with bricks that fit. It'll be like Christmas all over again! Then I'm tutoring chem. I hate chem. Grrrrrrrr... why can't I find people who are failing bio?

PS - I got two random commenters!!!! I thought it would be months before I saw those. Maybe I'll look into getting a hit counter.

Tuesday, May 23, 2006

I Hate Basketball

So, today my friend and I decided to be productive with our lives and make some money by doing chores around my grandma's house, specifically the pool.

To begin our day we traveled to the Home Depot to pick up the necessary tools for our project.
- 6 gallons of weed killer
- 52 bricks
- 9 (60 lbs.) bags of sand

Let me tell you, my 4-cylinder car looooooved that idea.

The first thing we did was spray the walk way with the weed spray. That wasn't too hard. We got a little nervous once the bricks turned blue though.... But that turned out to be okay.

Then the fun started. Leveling and replacing lots and lots of bricks! The leveling part at the beginning went okay. It's kind of annoying, but what you going to do. We then moved on to replacing bricks that were pretty weathered down. I imagine that this should have gone smoothly had we bought bricks that were the same size as the original ones... Since a good number had gone in smoothly we were a little stubborn to the idea that others were just not fitting. This led to us chipping away at the new bricks with a crowbar, stomping on the new bricks with feet, hammers, ends of brooms, etc. and of course yelling at the bricks to, "GO INTO YOUR HOME!!!!!!!!!" We ended up admitting defeat to the new bricks and will be buying more bricks tomorrow, which hopefully will fit better. Oh yeah, and the sand we bought had lots is nice little pebbles in it that don't fit between the cracks.

Note to self: never trust yourself to buy homecare supplies ever again.
God I'm afraid to own a house one day.

Oh, one more thing. I completely predicted the season finale of 24 last night. Now if only Jack would die.

Sunday, May 21, 2006

I Only Suck With 4 Run Leads

<---Huge Tool. I mean he's practically crying before even getting hit by the ball.

So the Mets won the first Subway Series of the season and I'm not sure if I've ever been quite as stressed over three days because of sports in my life.

Silly Randolph brought in Wagner for the third time in the past 3 days and I was like why?? why?? WHY?!?!?! But what the hell do I know about baseball? Evidently it's easier to pitch when the pressure is on high. It seems pretty ridiculous to me that a requirement for a pitcher to play well is to only have a one run lead and suck when you have room to breath.

Saturday, May 20, 2006


I am the happiest boy in the world because I just got a B in General Chemistry II + Lab.

That actually just got me really psyched to do the best I can in Physics I+II w/Lab this summer.

So now the only C's I have are Gen. Chem I+Lab and the General Bio Labs. I guess that's not the end of the world.

And It Begins

A couple of things lead me to starting this blog:

- My friend's blog shut down and my premedical entries weren't appreciated. (They wouldn't know good blogging if it hit them in the face)
- I've become addicted to the medical blog community.
- I need a place to rant about the pains of trying to get into medical school because I think my friends would stop speaking to me if I didn't stop bitching to them.

So, I guess I should explain the title a little bit since not everyone in the world watches House, M.D. (I mean I can't just go around assuming that everyone has the same impeccable taste in television as I do.) You see the character Gregory House is a doctor who specializes in Diagnostics, but the closest actual specialty would probably be IM, ID, or anything else that sees a wide variety of rare/hard to diagnosis diseases. House also happens to be on of the biggest, most arrogant assholes on the planet. He says whatever is on his mind regardless of whether it's PC/appropriate and does whatever he wants to his patients, such as breaking fingers without warning or permission, running tests that are never authorized and sending his lackeys on rampages through his patients' homes without their consent. He disregards ethics of any sort and shows no sign of belief in human altruism or goodness. The only thing that matters to House are the facts. The cold, black and white results. You may be asking yourself, "How does someone get away with this type of behavior in such a lawsuit infested field."

The answer: Because he always gets the job done, which no one else can.

Oh... He also happens to be addicted to painkillers due to his crippled right leg, but no one is perfect. (He's so damn close though)

This, my friends, is what I aspire to become. (Minus the addiction part) I want to be so good at what I do that no one can ever question me. Now, I seriously never expect to be as good as House, (That's like trying to be Jesus!) but I already have the asshole part dooown. I'm just kidding. I'm not that bad, but I definitely have my House tendencies.

One last thing - I want to be a D.O.
M.D.s are for suckas!