Friday, February 27, 2009


You know what sucks more than seeing every patient at least 40 minutes behind schedule because your boss shows up 30 minutes late to back to back surgeries that are also the first patients of the day?

Coming home to find out that your grandmother died. (Not the one I live with)

You know what's even worse? Realizing that the last thing you said to your grandmother was "Hopefully the next time I see you it'll be under better circumstances." Geez.

It wasn't that unexpected. She had very limited mobility ever since I was born, and it only got worse over the years. Her life was mainly consisting of moving between her bed and her chair for tv watching. Her family did visit her very often and luckily she did go to the family ski house with the majority of the family last Christmas break.

I'm glad she got to see so many of her grandchildren make it to college and her eldest get into grad school. Too bad I never got to see after she heard I got into school. It would have been nice to tell her what I was going to be doing and let her see how excited I am.

I hope you're at peace, G ma.
<3 numero uno.

Saturday, February 21, 2009

Hmm... Money...

The shock of getting in still hasn't set in yet, but the shock of the debt I'll be in has.

I've been greatly debating whether to commute from home to school, or move closer to school. The commute to school would probably be about an hour, and it wouldn't require too much work. Drive to train station, take subway (no transfers), walk remainder. It might actually take longer than an hour since I'm estimating based off my interview commute. The rush hour commute I'm sure is worse. I use to work in Big City where the school is and I have to say the terrible taste the commute left in my mouth linger 4 years later.

The other problem with the commute comes about when I want to go home late at night. There are less trains back to Home Town, plus by the time I would get home I wouldn't be getting much sleep before heading back to school the next day.

The reason I plan on being in the city late at night is because I'm a group studier. If I go home I will never get any work done. I need to be in a library and preferably with someone else to bounce ideas and questions off of.

My hesitation is the increased amount of debt I'll produce. It'll bring the estimate cost of the entire program from about 75K to well over 100K. I guess this might be a drop in the ocean, but I'm TERRIFIED that I'm going to fail out and be stuck with debt and no degree. But hell, even if I did commute and failed out I would still have a shit ton of debt. I guess it's comfort that regardless of this decision I'm still going to fail with a shit ton of debt.

On a side note, even though I don't particularly care for Big City, I do think it's a life experience I need by living in it. So I'll probably do it.

Wednesday, February 18, 2009

Taking the "IM" out of impossible!

I totally got into P.A. school today!!!!!

And the school completely messed with my emotions about it.

As I clocked out at work today I said aloud for the first time, "Well I wonder if I have a message waiting for me from the school."

I looked at my phone and saw a missed call from a number I didn't recognized. The number had too many number in it, so I disregarded it as a wrong number international call.

I then got home and saw an e-mail from the school telling me that I was moved from #13 to #11. This was not pleasing because being this late after the acceptances went out I assumed there was little hope. I then saw a had another e-mail from the school 4 hours later, and sure enough it was an acceptance e-mail!

So horray for me!!!!!

Monday, February 16, 2009

Tip to Tall People

I'm tall, 6'4'' to be exact, even though I lie on on-line dating services and say 6'3'', cause that seem to be the "normal" cutoff.

I sometimes get back pain from sitting at my computer for long periods of time. One way to help this is to not sit at my computer too much. But I'm Irish, and we're a stubborn people. (I feel like ever ethnicity is considered a stubborn people.)

What have I done to help alleviate pain? I've lowered my seat alllll the way down. I'm so low that the table reaches about 4 inches below my nipple. My arms rest comfortably on the table and I think I sit straighter because of this. Screw developing back muscles.

Saturday, February 14, 2009

The Numbers

I've been regressing lately. I use to tell myself I was going to let life be and not worry about things out of my control. Tonight I went crazy reading about wait lists and how many classes sizes were made of people from the wait list. This gave me hope because I saw good numbers. One schools had 50% of their class made from the wait list and another was made by 37%. I'm in the top 25%, so thing were looking okay.

Then I decided to see if the accepted students started a Facebook group. They did and I was able to see the whole thing. There are 31 members. That means AT LEAST 31 seats of 50 are filled, 62% of the class. If that number goes past 37, then that means people on the wait list ahead of me MUST reject their acceptance in order for me to get in.

There is a very good chance that there are accepted people who did not join the Facebook group. I feel like shit. I wish I didn't do this kind of stuff to myself.

[Edit:] Okay I'm a major stalker. This is already know. The internet makes to too easy. One person in the group said they "just found out" this past Monday that they were in. That is exactly 2 weeks from the initial acceptances. Generally accepted candidates are given two weeks to send in deposits. This leads me to believe that this person was chosen off the wait list. The idea that they're already taking people from the wait list is the only thing that will allow me to sleep from now until February 23-24, when I calculate the next round of wait list acceptances to be sent out.

I should be a private internet investigator.

Friday, February 13, 2009

The Power of Balls

Two stories to share today, both involving my balls.

Yesterday, Boss gave me, what many thought, was an inordinate amount of shit about typing someone's allergies under Past Medical History and not recording their current medication. In my defense, Boss told me in order to "save time" just record the medications they list on the patient history form that they fill out, and the patient didn't list any medications. He specifically told me that "You know there is one important thing they don't teach you in P.A. text books. 'Don't fuck up." Okay, gezzz.

Today, we were trying to figure out what a patient had been complaining about the previous day, because we had a positive fungal culture from them and needed to give some kind of treatment. We looked at the chart and there was zero notation as to anything about a fungal culture, and it had Boss' had writing all over it. I then said to him, "Hey Boss, what's that thing they don't teach you in P.A. text books."

YEEEEEEEEEEEEEAH!!!! I've got a pair.

He simply laughed and said "touché."

We later found the right chart and the fungal culture was noted in full. We never told him that he didn't actually fuck up.

Boss had just left a patient, but per usual, the patient thought of another pertinent question regarding their facial hair. The patient wanted to know if it was possible that the Rogaine was effecting it even though it was there before the Rogaine treatment started. They also wanted to know if there were any good treatment plans. I told them that the Rogaine didn't seem to be affecting it and that there really wasn't any good treatment for her specific type of hair. She accepted my answers, and left.

After the patient left Boss asked me, "Guy, what exactly do the patients think your title is." I responded, "Anything they want me to be." He laughed and noted how they accept anything I say basically because I'm a man. I generally sound very confident about whatever I say even when it's, "I don't know." My female P.A. co-worker was definitely a little pissed off about that.

I also just realized that yesterday I had an EXTENSIVE conversation about a laser hair treatment. She had wanted to speak with Boss and a medical assistant said she would get him for her. Yeah, right. There was no shot he was going to see this patient that wasn't on his schedule and also not paying for an office visit.

I walked into the room and introduced myself to this patient I had never met before. I told her that Boss wasn't available but that I would be happy to answer any of her questions. We talked about whether this was a logistically practical treatment, the effectiveness of the treatment and the data to back it up. She made her decision based off my talk with her and she went on her way. In retrospect she totally thought I was something other than a medical assistant. All of the patients initially think I'm a P.A. and just because I have a pair of balls.

Wednesday, February 11, 2009


After 3 e-mails and 1 phone call I finally got my Wait List School to tell me how the wait list works. I'm placed 13 out of 50 people. The class holds 50 in total with an additional 50 on the wait list. I am not feeling too optimistic about this school since it means over 1/5 of the accepted candidates have to reject their acceptance. My mom on the other hand seems to think this is a very good standing. I may have mentioned before that my mom recently did a Clinical Psychology PhD program and is currently in her Internship year. She said that at her program their total class size was 40 and had a 40 person wait list size and that they took many people off it. The fact that a program has a wait list that's as large as its class size is suppose to make me feel better. We'll see. 13 also happen to be my lucky number, which may sound like a weird number to be considered lucky, but it make sense.

On the other hand I feel a little more hopefully about the other program I interviewed at. I know that that program is considered a safety school for a lot of people. So even if I ranked as well on their Wait List as I did at the other school, than I think I have a pretty good chance.


Wednesday, February 04, 2009


The theme of this week was "Second Experiences." I had my second (and final) P.A. interview interview and I also went on my second on-line inspired first date.

The interview went well like they usually do. They seemed to like my answers to a lot of things, made them laugh, etc. But I'm also 100% sure that this was a courtesy interview, so I have low hopes.

On Sunday I went on a date with someone I "matched" with online. We did the brunch thing. I had a good time, but felt that the conversation was being fueled mainly by my asking questions. He answered questions and kept up an okay conversation. We then proceeded to just walk around after cause it was nice outside, so I guess it's a good sign that he didn't run away from me. Long story short, two days later I send the e-mail saying I had a good time and would like to go out again, and I got the "I don't see thing turning into a relationship" letter. Womp womp.

I kind of wish dating was like applying to schools where you can ask "What did I do wrong, how can I improve, etc." Because we did have a good e-mail correspondence. He did ask questions then, and kept a conversation. But then the at the brunch I felt like I was doing all the work. Where was his attempt to get to know me. Maybe he did try, and I just don't realize it. I'm almost tempted to ask what went wrong? But I feel that's pointless. Maybe it was the fact that I live kind of far away from him, maybe it's cause I'm not at the right professional point in my life, maybe it's because I live with my grandparents, maybe it's my looks. It could be a combination of things, but most of them he knew before hand. So I'm at a loss. In the end I'm not going to ask anything like that because it really doesn't matter. It's not like I can change any of those things right now.

As is life. But I have to say this all kind of reminds me of how I don't get why I'm still the most stable person of all my friends. I feel like I should be having a mental break down, but I'm not. Yet...