Saturday, February 21, 2009

Hmm... Money...

The shock of getting in still hasn't set in yet, but the shock of the debt I'll be in has.

I've been greatly debating whether to commute from home to school, or move closer to school. The commute to school would probably be about an hour, and it wouldn't require too much work. Drive to train station, take subway (no transfers), walk remainder. It might actually take longer than an hour since I'm estimating based off my interview commute. The rush hour commute I'm sure is worse. I use to work in Big City where the school is and I have to say the terrible taste the commute left in my mouth linger 4 years later.

The other problem with the commute comes about when I want to go home late at night. There are less trains back to Home Town, plus by the time I would get home I wouldn't be getting much sleep before heading back to school the next day.

The reason I plan on being in the city late at night is because I'm a group studier. If I go home I will never get any work done. I need to be in a library and preferably with someone else to bounce ideas and questions off of.

My hesitation is the increased amount of debt I'll produce. It'll bring the estimate cost of the entire program from about 75K to well over 100K. I guess this might be a drop in the ocean, but I'm TERRIFIED that I'm going to fail out and be stuck with debt and no degree. But hell, even if I did commute and failed out I would still have a shit ton of debt. I guess it's comfort that regardless of this decision I'm still going to fail with a shit ton of debt.

On a side note, even though I don't particularly care for Big City, I do think it's a life experience I need by living in it. So I'll probably do it.

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