Saturday, July 17, 2010


Today we were getting ACLS certified and I was called upon to be the team leader. Previous to class starting everyone was freaking out memorizing their algorithms during a fire drill. I decided not to cause I'm sick of studying 24/7 and wanted to enjoy my iced latte.

The instructors showed a video that ran through a code a couple of times. Made it look very systematic and methodical. No big deal right? Follow the algorithm. They stressed to use that it's recommended that you carry your algorithm on you even while a practicing PA. How hard could this be?! They're telling me to carry and refer to a cheat sheet.

The class then broke into groups, but we basically were running through codes at each station. The instructors called on different people to be the team leader and use the group for their team members. I got to see a couple of classmates go through it, but no one was very confident and most were stumbling through it.

As most stories go, I then got called on to be team leader. And this is the part were you expect to here about how I crashed and burned after being put on the spot. I would then learn my lesson for being cocky and grow a little as human being.


I fucking rocked it. I set up my team no sweat. Got my ABC's down. Recognized the rhythm and ordered all the right meds and shocks. After I was finished the head instructor praised me for my job well done and said that I was on par with many cardiologists that he teaches.

I basically had a repeat performance with the other two groups. The token hard ass physician instructor called on me to be team leader once. He picked me out after talking about how easy it is to see what people are doing wrong when you're not the team leader. He really thought he was going to get me when the EKG was a Second Degree Type 2 heart block. I got that shit. I knew I got his approval when all he said at the end was "Good work. You're off the hook."

Thursday, July 01, 2010


Today we were learning about adolescent medicine. This is the only type of primary care I could ever practice. I don't have the bubbliness to get babies to like me and I don't have the patience for the bullshit adults come in with. But I get teenagers, I respect them, and they like me back. I also feel for them cause I had plenty of their same issues growing up.

There is a new advertisement on TV that attacks Accutane making claims that it gives your Chrone's disease. I challenge those lawyers to show me the evidence based medicine behind that. Accutane is a MIRACLE drug. This is no exaggeration. Cystic acne is a horrible, life scarring condition. I had it and treated it late. My face shows the damage. I've worked in dermatology. I know there is NOTHING the touches the results Accutane produces. The only lasting side effect I have from Accutane is dry lips. I'll fucking take it. My aunt and uncle went on Accutane 30 years ago. They're perfectly healthy. My uncle has even donated part of his liver. THAT'S HOW HEALTHY HIS LIVER WAS AFTERWARDS.

Anyone who's reading this, I ask you not only to have a positive view on Accutane, but advocate for it to stay on the market.