Tuesday, June 06, 2006

666-Satan Has Taken the Form of Radians

Today in Physics we had our first test and I have good news. There wasn't any calculus to be found at all!

The bad news: my calculator was set to give answers in radians and I didn't know how to fix that until after the test.

Regardless, I'm pretty sure the way I tried to solve the questions was wrong...Oh, wait this just in: After consulting with my notebook it looks like I was dead on.

I just sent my professor an e-mail, but like every time I try to send important e-mails through my school's e-mail service I'm sure it won't really be sent.

Why do med schools put me through this? Actually the better question is: Why do I put myself through this?

I was just reading a blog on my beloved studentdoctor.net about this person who was doing his IM intern rotation at Johns Hopkins and I seriously thought he was going to kill himself because of it. Evidently the hospital was completely ignoring the new work hour regulations and he was working 34+ hours shifts and consequently almost killed someone. From what he said though, regardless of the hospital ignoring the regulations IM is one of the more demanding residencies. I always thought it was the opposite...

So, I pose another question to myself. Why do I want to go into the field that's going to kill me?

Everyone keeps telling that I'm crazy for putting myself through this but what else am I going to do. It's pretty undeniable that bio/medicine is what I really like and I already know that I hate the business world. So that leaves me with.....lawyer? yeah right. teacher? well that's probably going to happen since I'm going to fail physics....screw my med school application...and have nothing else to do with a B.S. in Biomedical Science. (In psychology we call this chain of thoughts the Distorted Thought Process, “catastrophizing”.)

Hmmm, psychology. You see there's a field in which I excel. The only problem is that I'm not terribly interested in it. The science isn't "hard" enough for me. Well maybe when I'm teaching at my high school I'll learn to love psychology and go into that.

Ugggggghhhhhhh... ::breath:: ::play Michelle Branch:: Okay, I feel a little better. The tests are non-cumulative including the final so I'll just start doing better on everything. It's great that all I have to do is say "I'll do better," and it'll come true. What's that you say? That's not how it works? Shit.

On a funnier note I was "that guy" in class today. We were talking about speed of objects in relation to other objects. He had just finished the topic and asked if there were any question.

Yes, I had a question but did I really want to risk him going into a tangent? It may never end... and what about the social repercussions. The class would think that I was "that guy." Until that point of was just the guy who didn't talk to anyone and I was fine with that. (In fact, that's what the majority of the class is. I love it.) But no I just couldn't help myself...

"Is anything in the universe completely stationary?"

And like the dog that chased the cat with the white stripe down its back I realized this was a terrible idea. And whispered to the class "I'm so sorry." Most people just turned around and laughed and one person said "curiosity kill the cat." So I guess I'm no the longer the loner anymore. I'm the cat.



The Angry Frenchie said...

I know I'm a total ass for doing this, but...

"Why do we have to learn physics?" asked an angry pre-med student, fed up with the complexity of the subject matter.

-"It saves lives", replied the professor.

The student, indignant, demanded, "How in the hell does it save anyone's life??? Physics isn't used in medicine!"

The professor paused, looked away for a second, then smiled and replied, "It most certainly does. It keeps kids like you out of medical school."

Bwhahahaha... Eh, but yeah, physics sucks, and I'm so glad to be done with it. I had to take the MCAT without any physics classes prior to it; learning physics on your own is a BITCH.

TheCleaningWoman said...

If you're going to be the future Dr. House, I hope you're enrolled in Grumpy101.

Pending, P.A. said...

frenchie: Touché. Yes, yes, yes, I know that it's just one big filtering system. freaking french...mumble mumble mumble

cleaningwoman: I'm fairly sure that this whole process (and frenchie) will cover the bases of grumpy 101.

The Angry Frenchie said...

I'm glad to have been an essential part of fulfilling your grumpy pre-reqs.

Bitsy said...

Sadly, there IS some physics used in medicine (what is the entire cardiovascular system made up of? pumps....pipes....circuits) but thankfully one can still get by with a minimal understanding of that evil basic science.

Good luck on your quest for medical school. I was in your shoes years ago...I didn't have fantastic grades, wasn't from a top name college (I am only presuming based on your previous post about C's in Chem and loathing of the 'braniacs' from Duke and Cornell) Hang in there--everyone who REALLY wants to go to medical school WILL go to medical school, it just may not be the route you intially intended. And don't be so down on the PA profession. If you truly love medicine, which you profess to, then this may be an attractive option if you are not a super stellar candidate for med school, even though it is still very difficult to get into PA school. You can still treat patients, often rather independently, and PA's have become quite a regular and respected fixture in both the academic and community medical communities these days. Not that I encourage this, but you may even be able to work for a few years and then go back to medical school if you still feel that desire. In fact, there were two former PAs in my medical school class (I was one of them).

But what do I know.....I'm just a "sucker" MD.

Bob said...

I know how you feel...I'm going through the same thing as the moment. One more year to go before med school...ah I know what I'm letting myself in for but I'm still determined to do it... *shakes head* must be crazy....