Sunday, June 11, 2006

Why DO instead of MD?

A commenter asked this question and I felt that it deserved more than a comment answer.

Number one reason why: Because if there were TWO Dr. Gregory House, MDs the world would probably collapse upon itself. I'm doing it for the goodness of mankind.

The first way I heard about osteopathy was from my mom who knew our old babysitter's daughter went to some kind of different med school where she wasn't a MD, but she had all the same privileges. She also mentioned that it might be easier to get into this type of school than an MD. So, I'm not going to lie. The initial reason I was drawn to osteopathy was because it was suppose to be easier. (I'll wait for the room to stop booing and hissing before I continue)

I then did my research on osteopathy to figure out what it really was. What I found amazed me. How could there be this type of profession that was exactly the same as a MD-doctor that so few people knew existed? As I read further about the founding of osteopathy I seemed to agree more and more with their philosophy about treating the cause than the symptoms. Then there was this part that looked a little like voo-doo. OMM. But once I learned more about it it made more and more sense to me. Keeping things in the body in their correct places should help the body run optimally. My dad then told me about this doctor that his entire office goes to for all of their back and neck problems and that they were kind of like this doctor's cult following. Turns out that he was a DO.

Lastly, I feel that the medical philosophy of osteopathy most similarly resembles what I love about medicine. I like that symptoms are seen as pieces of a puzzle of a bigger problem and that it's not always the most obvious answer. I like how osteopathy sees the connection of all the parts of the body and that one part is not independent of another. I know that now a days both osteopathy and allopathy (MD) recognize and address this when teaching but I feel that it's more innate in osteopathy.

Now it's time to get back to Physics.


Sheppard said...

isin't an md better?

Pending, P.A. said...

i'm going to kill you

Sheppard said...

im going to report this threat to the authorities