Wednesday, January 10, 2007

Just Breath

In hopes to gather my thoughts I'm going to list some of the things that I need to get straightened out before they cause me to crack:
  • TV/Internet running in new apartment
  • Furniture assembled
  • Order a mattress
  • Get registered for my new internship (Family Medicine)
    • figure out how the hell I'm going to fit that internship into my Wednesday schedule
  • Get credit card debt paid off. (Still in debt from London adventure)
  • Finish the premed autobiography
  • Start studying for MCAT (The test is in April and I'm way behind)
    • concentrated on Bio, Chem and Verbal, since taking Organic and Physics this semester
  • Get an oil changed
  • Figure out back up plan to med school
    • PA school?
    • Grad school?
    • Teaching?
    • Peace CORPS?
Things I can't wait to come:
  • Trip to Italy at end of May
  • Finishing the MCAT in April and having all med school application stuff done before said trip.
    • Get letter from DO
    • Get professors to hand in those letters that I asked to be written a year ago
    • Get transcripts from summer schools sent to med schools
    • Make the final list of med schools applying to

I'm feeling really stressed but I think once I get back to school everything will start being normal again.

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