Sunday, January 07, 2007

Me bitching

I'm not gonna lie. I'm a little upset that I wasn't nominated for a Medical Blog Award.

I'm just going to tell myself that it's because I'm not part of the medical community or something. I guess I'll start a new blog when I actually become part of it so that maybe I can then get nominated then.


Kungfukitten said...

I keep hoping I'll get Most Sexy Blog Written by a Female Ninja but I never even get nominated. But seriously, who won and how long have they been blogging? It seems that blogs have to have staying power, an amazing amount of hits and not use a blogging service to win those thingies.

FYI - my word verifiation is dr turnip. coincidence?

Pending, P.A. said...

One of the blogs that was nominated has only had around 10 post in 7 months! I've had almost 5 times that many in the same amount of time! I guess mine don't have enough substance, which I would agree with.

You would totally win sexiest blog in my blog roll; no contest.

And I have no idea what to make of dr. turnip.

adam said...

There's a medical blogging award? wtf. Who do you have to sleep with to get nominated? SERIOUSLY.