Tuesday, June 05, 2007


I'm reporting from a small town called Tuscania. It's very, very small. There isn't much to do, and therefore, not much to report.

We went to Assisi yesterday which is a cool town, though someone should introduce them to a thing called level ground. I should really start some kind of insurance company there based around winter driving...

No one here really speaks any english, which is kind of nice and also not, especially when ordering food. I blindly ordered my salad and dessert yesterday and was 1 for 2. The salad ended up being green beans, carrots and potatoes, which was delicious. The dessert I thought I was ordering was strawberry cheesecake. The dessert I got was starwberries... They were okay, but strawberries are one of the many, many foods that irratate my thorat. Thankfully, they didn't. But when we were dividing up the bill someone just decided just to charge everyone 5 euro for their dessert, thus making those the most expensive quater cup of strawberries I've ever had. Whatever, when in Rome... Wait, no, that doesn't apply on a multitude of different levels.

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