Friday, June 20, 2008


Which is more distubring?

#1 - Last night I have a bunch of people over. I go into the bathroom and see the tooth paste tube out and squeezed from the middle. I never squeeze from the middle. Also it should have been in the drawer. On top of this I feel my tooth brush and it's wet, and I hadn't used it since that morning. Someone used my tooth brush. Who does that?

#2 - I go to the dermatologist today for my yearly body scan. I'm very, very Irish, and very, very pale with many moles even though my skin never sees the sun. (That made me sound gross) So my PA whom I've gone to for over 5 years and love asks me why I never followed up on my positive biopsy from last year. I earnestly tell her that I never knew it came back positive. She told me that they sent something home and called. I tell her that I had definitely been aware to look for something in the mail, but they send something home regardless of the results. I also told her that she had told me they would call me with positive results and I definitely never got a call. She then goes, "Oh, yeah. There's no note here that they called." She then shows me my chart at the spot it would be written in.

Thank God she told me that they were just abnormal cells that needed to be removed, but not serious. Leaves me to assume they're basal carcinomas. I really should have asked, but she said not to worry, so I guess I left my guard down. I looked up what basal cells look like on the back, and it's basically exactly what was on my back - a blotchy, light brown, ill-defined bordered lesion. It was not super dark, as typical melanoma.

My mom is pissssssssed. I'm kind of indifferent, which is probably a bad thing. I'm chalking it up to a lesson learned - always call to hear the results of your tests, don't assume they'll call you.



Anonymous said...

Both are pretty bad really. Did you get a new toothbrush?

Anonymous said...

ewwwww, you bet i imagine you got a new brush, as well as toothpaste...did you get a new bathroom too...?
Oh yes, welcome baaaack!!!! i missed you!!!
That is just awful about the med mess up...i'm furious for you!
take good care,
your other mom