Friday, August 25, 2006

I'm Back In More Ways Than One.

I moved back to school a couple of days ago and it feels so good to be back. Home was getting a little (read as: very) boring.

Remember my post a little ways back about how my school is messing with my emotions? Well nothing has changed.
Good thing: The triple has been broken down once and for all.
Bad thing: The awesome change that the registrar made to my music class has kind of been changed back. It's still at the great time, but it's back with the bad teacher. Oh well. What you going to do.

The townhouse I'm living in is really, really nice and my housemates are doing a kick ass job of getting it decorated. The common room is looking hotttt. My room is much more spacious than I was anticipating. There seemed to be some momentary hysteria about a certain someone putting their mini-fridge in the kitchen, but I took care of the problem.

The only bad thing about the house is the fact that my room is an icebox. I keep setting the thermostat to 68, which I consider I fairly normal temperature. It somehow seems to always get back down to below 60. Interesting. And since my room is on the first floor... Well you get the picture. I wonder how hot it really gets on the second floor. The air vent in my room is currently duct tape shut, but that's not keeping me from considering putting on a second pair of pants.

In other news I setup my hospital orientation session. I'm extremely excited and can't wait for the internship to start. I don't know if I've ever mentioned this, but my internship is in the ER at the hospital across the street from my school. Waaaaaaay coooooooooooool. Hopefully the rest of the registering process will continue smoothly. Up until this point it has been an extreme pain to get everything started, but the woman who normally sets everything up is on vacation. Hopefully forever.

Oh, neato. My housemates all went to eat and didn't ask me, again. Cool deal.

It's been a little weird living here since I'm the only one who doesn't already know everyone else. My roommate is teammates with these guys but he's not moving in until Sunday. I should probably stop being such a loner in my room, but whenever I'm around them I have absolutely nothing to say since I don't really know them. Whatever, this happened last year and I ended making some pretty good friends. One of them is even planning on living with me next semester. I'll just have to turn on the charm and try to lower my sarcasm ray. I will break into the cross-country team's inner circle!

Time to take a nice hotttt shower and then put my under armor on.

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