Thursday, December 13, 2007


Dear Dr. Wannabe's Academic Institute,

20 minutes notice is NOT sufficient heads up time that classes are cancelled, since some people leave MORE than 20 minutes before class starts when there is inclement weather. Get your head in the game, so that next time this is avoided.

Yours truly,

PS - Thank you for the snow day.


Jen Taurus said...

I miss the snow days.

My question are you an undergrad?

I hear the University of Buffalo has a great medical school and lots of bars.


Pending, P.A. said...

Yes I'm undergrad. Yes SUNY Buffalo has a great medical school, which is why I'm not wasting my money trying to apply there. My friend just interviewed there. But she got into other schools that she likes better. The bitch. Kidddddddding

Anonymous said...

So how are you doing this year in your classes? Still planning on applying next year to med schools?

Jen Taurus said...

Just curious, why are you having so much trouble? My friend used to say c's get degree's. Are you in the snow belt? I'm so nosy.

I'd love to be a dr but I cannot stand the smell of throw up or the other bodily orfices. However, I'd love to make that income.

Good Luck! I probably wouldn't get into SUNY Buffalo and I'm from Buffalo. Try East Carolina University, they do not get snow there.