Monday, January 19, 2009

Screw Home Owning

I go on a skiing trip for less than three days and what the fuck do I come home to? A FLOODED KITCHEN AND COLLAPSED BASEMENT CEILING, ALONG WITH SAID BASEMENT BEING FLOODED!

On top of vowing to never own a home, I'm never going to own an ice maker. The ice maker at my parents' house is a huge fucking pain in the ass, and the ice maker here at my grandparents' house is an even bigger pain in the ass. What the fuck do I need ice for WHEN IT SNOWED 5 INCHES WHILE I WAS GONE?!?!?!!?

Tomorrow, instead of waking up late and going to work at noon I get to wake up early, drive to my other grandma's house to get my parents' wet-vac, and go at the basement. I then get to move on to shoveling said 5 inches of snow.

Of course this all happens when my grandparents go to Florida, so I'm stuck taking care of this problem entirely by myself. Fuck my life.


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mstpbound said...

i hear you. since buying a house in may, i have had basement floods from a broken water heater...twice. Twice, i had to stand there and water vac everything down, move furiture up the stairs and out of the basement, air it out, dehumidify it, etc etc. it's totally painful, and i remember wanting to sit down and cry multiple times. thank goodness my bf was there to help me or else i don't know what i would have done! hang in there ... hug