Thursday, July 27, 2006

An Announcement:

I feel I should take this time to make something clear to everyone.

I am perfectly aware that TV doctor world is NOTHING like real doctor world. I've shadowed a few medical professionals in different areas. (Although they were all private practices) And I can honestly say that I think I have a good idea of what the real medical world looks like.

When I read the blog post that Intelinurse left ( I must say that I was quite humiliated. This is definitely how my entire blog comes off and I really want to do something to fix it. I don't think I want to do anything like changing the name of the blog, because it seems that I may have started to become popular. (5 post! 4 from people I don't know!) So instead, I think we're going to see a change in the subtitle and “About” section of the blog.

It also seems that people are quite worried that I really will/want to turn into House. Fear not. I'm way to big of a tool to ever become such a jerk. But I'm not gonna lie. In person I can be extremely opinionated and almost stubborn about my views, but that has never stopped me from doing whatever people ask of me. :-/ I’ll try to give you all a nice image of what my real personality is like, in terms of TV characters, of course.

Opinionated like Gregory House
Passionate like John Carter
Tool bag like Mark Green
Pussy like George (God, please don't set me up with any weird fat chicks.)

I'll finish this post with an excerpt from a letter of recommendation about me: (Read as: shameless pat on the back)

"Dr. Wannabe is inquisitive and witty ... When he accompanied me into patient visits he was professional, friendly, and most importantly compassionate. Dr. Wannabe has a wonderful bed-side manner which is naturally soothing and put patients right at ease."
- Super nice P.A. who I shadowed

Let me once again assure you that my reasons for going into medicine are for real. When I first went into college I was undeclared between pscyh and bio, and chose bio because is was really what I loved. I then decided at the end of freshman year that I would bite the bullet and become premed, which I use to think of being impossible. So, I changed my major from Biology to Biomedical Sciences and I have since basically committed my life to achieving my goal of becoming a great doctor in a TBD field that I love. (Leaning towards ER. Post some good ER doc blogs! I only know about Dr. Couz whom I adore.


Kungfukitten said...

Honestly, who doesn't want to be like Hugh Laurie? I like him best in Jeeves and Wooster and the thickie prince in Black Adder, but I'm amazed at how he can play such a serious American character. And I wasn't exactly worried about you getting an infarction in your thigh and an addiction to Vic0din. I think the becoming a brilliant diagnostician is still within your grasp. ;)

Intelinurse said...

I am so relieved to hear this.:) I can now rest easy knowing there will be one less House wanna-ba intern hitting my floor next July!

btw-Im actually honored you took the time to read a recommended post left by a lowly nursing student. Good luck in your studies.

Irishdoc said...

Words of Wisdom(seriously, I have no wisdom I'm just an intern):
You will never be the same person as you are right now. And you will rarely get the chance to grieve for that loss. Keep your optimism-but know that sometimes people will die,sometimes it will be your fault, and sometimes you won't care that there gone. And hopefully, when you have those nights when you cry all the way home you'll be able to look back at who you were before medicine and it will make you smile