Thursday, July 06, 2006

This is me bitching about stuff

Before the summer started my friends had asked me if we could go up to Vermont to go golfing and partake in other festivities. Since I knew that my schedule was going to be mad busy I never really gave this much thought cause I wasn't keen to the idea of only going for a weekend. Plus I don't golf so I didn't know what I would do with myself up there.

Last week we talked about it more and people showed interest in going and the idea started to grow on me. I idea of trying out mountain biking specifically caught my interest. So I went about getting permission from the parentals and calling family to make sure that the house wasn't going to be in use this weekend. After doing this planning I start asking the guys about traveling arrangements and stuff like that. Now I don't know why I'm so surprised about what happened after that, but people started backing out.

One person specifically had been really pushing that idea of going up for a weekend. This same person backed out and said it wasn't worth going up for just a weekend. Funny... When I said it wasn't worth going up for a weekend people though I was being a killjoy. But when others say it's not worth it it's completely rational thinking. Oh, and there just happens to be a high school graduation party that weekend, and we all know what are at high school graduation parties. High School Graduate Girls!!!! His aunt even told him not to bother staying for the party but why give up the chance at not getting ass from the same girls again this summer?!

Another friend just refused to give an answer one way or the other when he had absolutely nothing better to do that weekend. There was one who wouldn't ask for time off from his job but it's only his second week working there so I won't bust on him.

I've basically given up on the idea of going up and it will be close to impossible to get me to want to go up again before ski season. Sucks for them.

I'm trying to find other things to do with my weekend since I don't really want anything to do with my friends right now. I asked my NJ friends from school if anything was going down, but he claimed that nothing was happening and that he had work. Last time I checked that's the answer he's had for every time I've wanted to come visit, and every one of those weekends he got shit faced. But when certain other people go to visit there is a huge celebration, which no one bothers to tell me about.

This is basically the story of my life. I go to great lengths to set up trips and good times but things never work out because people are jerks. Then when other people decide to do stuff I'm never thought of. Nice guys finish last? You're dead right.

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Sheppard said...

Yea, I am the one he isin't busing on.

I really wanted to go, but I can't really tell them I can't work. They really needed help at 4am and I'm the only moron that would do it.