Monday, July 17, 2006


I'm such a moron.

Last spring the hospital that I'm doing my internship at told me how I'm going to need an up to date physical and general medical clearnance to do my internship. So I went home to get a physcial done before the school year ended, but I never got their exact list of requirements. I told my doctor my situation and he prescribed me a list of bloodwork to get done that would allow me to work in a hospital.

Fast-forword to the lab bill of $1200!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

I'm sitting here now thinking about the lab work that I had done and say to myself "WHAT THE FUCK? WASN'T I IMMUNIZED AGAINST ALL THOSE THINGS?!?!? So I check the list that I now have and realize that my physical with the dates of my immunizations covers everything....


Is my doctor an idiot? Why did he prescribe all that stuff. God I was so stupid back then. If that happened now I would have been all over that shit. Oh the stuff you learn with basic life experience.

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Kungfukitten said...

Wow, perhaps he though you had insurance that would cover the cost. That's just crazy! At least you got a clean bill of health and isn't that priceless. Yeah, I couldn't even type that with a straight face. :)