Tuesday, April 10, 2007

Mmmm Rachel McAdams

Sunday morning I noticed that my eyes were a little red. I didn't think anything of it and thought maybe it was because I was at my friend's house who has cats to which I'm allergic. I didn't worry much because they weren't tearing, pussing, itching, nada.

The redness continued through Monday to the point where Monday night I decided to stop wearing my contacts. But still no other problems other than them being red. It didn't feel any different having contacts in and I tried a new pair of contacts in case they were somehow irritating them.

That night I put some eye drops in for redness and went to sleep. Unfortunately, I don't know whether the drops did anything since I went to sleep, but they couldn't have done much because my eyes are still red but still not tearing, itching, pussing either.

I went to health services today just to have them checked out cause I don't want to wear contacts without them being looked at. After going through my story and embarrassing myself on the eye chart exam (I could only read line three with my old, old prescription glasses) and finding no foreign bodies in my eyes the doctor came to no diagnosis. The reason that this redness is so odd is because there are one other symptoms. I honestly would have no idea that they were red if it weren't for looking in the mirror.

I'm slightly concerned though because about 3 years back my ophthalmologist did a work up on me for glycoma because my eye pressure was a little elevated. The tests did not show any loss of peripheral vision or nerve damage and the next time I had my pressure tested it was fine. I know that the only noticeable symptom is vision loss, but WebMD had it listed in the differential for eye redness without the accompanying puss or irritation. I'm not giving too much thought though cause I'm young and my peripheral vision is normal.

Hmm, maybe my eyes are feeling slightly dry... that may be because I'm just paying more attention to them than normal.

Anyway, I'm suppose to go back to health services Thursday to have them checked again in case it's a viral infection that just hasn't developed the rest of the symptoms. But if it's viral there's nothing they're going to do. If the redness continues without other symptoms then she's going to refer me to a ophthalmologist. Super!... I enjoy going to doctors because I like to see how they work, but this is going to be annoying.

I have my internship tomorrow morning so I'm going to have that doctor take a look at my eyes for a second opinion. Wait, there still isn't a diagnosis. Does that make it a primary opinion?

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