Monday, April 30, 2007

Awkward Turtle

Oh my goodness the people in the apartment above me are having a good time. Such a good time that everything in my room is shaking violently, including me. My friend says that means that I'm even part of it. Well at least I'm getting some!

Back when I was a naive freshman I use to wonder why the people above me would be putting their bunk beds together at the most random times during the day. They would just be continuely banging their mattress frames with hammers into the legs of the bed - for like 40 minutes. Then one day I pushed my chair from my desk to fast right into my radiator - BANG! Wait, I've heard that banging before... Why were the people upstairs banging their beds into the radiator? Ohhhhhhhhh!

Yesterday we were signing up for roommates in my abroad class. This girl that I know through a friend, we'll call Tracy, asked me if I wanted to room with her guy friend, we'll call Ken. At the time I was panic'd that I was going to be stuck with the most despised person in the class and I readily agreed. I later told my friend who I was rooming with and he told me that Tracy and Ken were actually dating. DAMMIT!!!! Well that explains the, "Ken, come over here and give me a hello-kiss." I'm going to have an awkward turtle on my shoulder every night I'm in Italy. I'm hoping Tracy brings it back to her room since she's good friends with her roommate. Then again, that's probably a reason to keep it in my room. My friends gave me some tips how to stop any unwelcomed night activities, but I feel to dirty to share them with you.

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ridingdirty said...

haha that is a tough situation. just ask to join, that's how my roommate got me and my gf to stop coming to our place, she was totally disgusted whenever she saw him. but it sucks that we cant all hang out together, so it's kind of a win/lose situation...