Thursday, May 03, 2007

MP Could Take JT Any Day

With the infinite amount of time I have to waste on You Tube I've made a startling discovery that could shake the very foundation that you base your life on.

As we all know Justin Timberlake thinks he is the coolest, slickest, suavest person on the face of the Earth. And unfortunately, up until this day we've had no proof to discredit him. But my friends (THAT NEVER COMMENT!!!) I have found the evidence needed to prove that this coolness does not originate from JT, but from a much more unlikely, yet more beloved source; none other than MARY POPPINS!!!

Check out Justin's moves around 3:40 (when the timer is counting backwards - which it should)

Now, look for some similarities with Mary breaking out the moves around 5:20 (same as above)



Michelle, Bethany, Zach & James said...

Interesting. Y'know, I don't think blogs utilize musical reference nearly enough.

There I commented (again!) but the big question is will you respond? I express that besides Angry Medic with his dreamy eyelashes, you sound like my soulmate and I don't even get a hey, thanks for coming. Perhaps I came on too strong, LOL!


Pending, P.A. said...

What?! I totally thought I responded last time. I'm sorry!!!!


Your comment was very much appreciated.

ridingdirty said...

I could not agree with you more. Not only does JT think he is this generations Michael Jackson, minus the sleeping with the children, but he also is unoriginal when it comes to his dance moves. I remember off his first solo cd he stole a move off the Wizard of Oz. JT, I admit you have great moves, but next time, make them your own!!!

Anonymous said...

Sorry, don't see it.