Thursday, August 23, 2007

Back in the Saddle???

If anyone could go into my mind and help sort out my issues that would be great.

Over the past couple of days I've been looking at PA salaries, job opportunities at different types of hospitals, rules and regulations by state, etc. All this accomplished was make me want to be a doctor again.
God damn it.

When it comes down to it I want the autonomy that comes with being a physician. I don't want to have to run everything I do past someone else. Uggggh.

The french guy asked me if I had a 40 MCAT score and a 4.0 GPA would I still be thinking about PA school. The truthful answer is probably not. But that doesn't change the fact that I don't. He also asked if I've truthfully done everything I could in school. Have I done everything? No, because you can always do more. Have I worked my fucking ass off? Yes. I truly think that my GPA will be better after this upcoming year. And since I'll be taking a total of 6 science courses I can really swing that sci-GPA in the positive direction.

So where does this leave me? I suppose I'm gong to give these applications all I've got and even give them a shot next year if need be. Screw the one school that rejected me. They're new and need a "safe" incoming class. The other schools might be more willing to take a chance with me. I'm doubtful though. I'm still foreseeing the future being me not getting in anywhere and applying next year. But I think I'm okay with that. I won't apply to PA school this year. Next year I'll get a medical assistant job, make some money, and apply again. Ready....break!

Any bets for when when I flip flop next?

Also, viva la france! (en espaƱol)

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Dr. K said...

For whatever it's worth, my opinion is that you should complete the secondary applications.

If nothing else, it will be a learning experience. First, you will gain a fuller understanding of the application process. That will certainly help if you do need to apply a second time (and remember that many students do need to apply more than once).

Secondly, many medical schools are happy to answer unsuccessful applicants' questions about where their application went "wrong" and what they can do to strengthen future applications.

Not that I am implying that it will come to that for you, but that's the worst case scenario. And that's a better position to be in than reapplying next year without any understanding of what went "wrong" if you don't get in this time.

I also happen to think it's a good sign that you have received so many secondary applications. I really do.

Pending, P.A. said...

Well thank you for the encouragement. i realize applying a second time isn't the end of the world. hopefully when i ask what when wrong they'll tell me something that i'll be able to fix.

Beach Bum said...

as someone who applied for about 7 years (it has become blessedly unclear in my memory exactly how long it took me to get into med school), I finally said "screw this" and went the Caribbean route. There is more than one way to skin this particular cat. Explore your options (as I'm sure you have), and good luck.