Friday, August 31, 2007

To Prove to Dad That I'm Not a Fool

I'm back at school. I've been back since Tuesday. I thought that I was going to be able to plug my cable modem and internet into the wall and have it work. How silly am I? Even though I never canceled my subscription they still need to come to my new apartment to "turn things on," whatever that means. I don't remember anyone needing to turn anything on last year. They're not able to come until WEDNESDAY. I think this is a little ridiculous considering I went to see them on Tuesday. Oh well. Until then I'll just watch Battlestar Galactica on my laptop. I'm so happy I bought that on DVD this summer. NEEEEEEERD

Oh, I also have finished ALL of my secondaries. I have nothing to do now but sit and wait. But I don't think they tell you if they're not going to request an interview, so I could be waiting a very long time for nothing to arrive.

Classes start on Tuesday and I'm really pumped. Just in case you all forgot what I was taking this semester:

Vertebrate Physiology + Lab -- HORRAY LABS WITH MICE!!
Science, Medicine and Ethics -- I'm going to rock the socks off ethics, again
Human Nutrition -- An easy "A" 300 level science course? Who would have thought?
Ireland: History and Politics -- Finally going to learn something about my heritage (btw - I'm 100% Irish)


Dr. K said...

I'm genuinely curious: what gives you the impression that a third year Human Nutrition course is easy?

Pending, P.A. said...

Because people who took the class told me so. I don't know who the teacher is. I'm fairly sure he's an adjunct and I don't know how seriously he takes the class. He's also not a biology professor. I think he falls under the Phys Ed. dept. He also hasn't given his book list to the bookstore, which from past experience tells me he's just not that on top of things -aka doesn't care.

Trust me I'm actually hoping that it's not that easy because I would really like to learn the complex stuff since nutrition is by far the topic of choice when my friends ask me health questions.

Dr. K said...

Fair enough, thanks very much for the explanation. I asked only because my third year Human Nutrition course was one of the more difficult (and rewarding) courses that I took.

I'm sorry that you have a Prof who doesn't appear to care. I know many like him and I wish that they would all simply stop teaching.