Saturday, January 12, 2008


Having the wisdom teeth removed hasn't proven to be the most terrible thing so far. At first I was totally miserable, sitting in bed trying to sleep without any pain meds with these gross gauze pads shoved in my mouth. Then my dad came back with some hydrocodone, but said that the surgeon instructed me to only take them an hour after eating. I had never heard of taking medicine a certain amount of time after eating, only taking medication with food. I wasn't going to chance it though because if I threw up I knew I would never take it again, and the torture would last indefinitely. Plus, I was in no good state of mind when these instructions were given, since I was coming out of anesthesia and all. At the time the only thing I was thinking about was asking the surgeon if I could shadow him one day. I'm just a loser.

Once I got some oatmeal in me and could take my hydrocodone I was good to go. And no, I don't mean I was high. I actually don't see what the big fuss is all about. I didn't get dizzy, light-headed, high, confused. The pain just simply went away. If anything I would just get tired and sleep for an hour or two. I guess this might have something to do with the fact that I never "crave" alcohol, become addicted to going to the gym or get a "runner's high." Not having a addictive personality seems to be a good thing.

I'm also not oozing blood anymore. Which means I shouldn't have to expect a blood drool stain on my shirt. That was fairly gross.

The only bad thing is that my cheeks look like they have tennis balls shoved under them. I'm petrified that the swelling isn't going to go down, but everyone assures me that it will. Ice doesn't prove to be much help. Oh well, we'll see what happens. I must say though it's a very strange sensation to have these fluid filled pouches hanging from your face.

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EE said...

Thank you.

I'm getting my wisdom teeth out this summer and now I get to add "blood drool stain on my shirt" to things I get to look forward to.

Thanks again.