Monday, July 23, 2007


A coach where I work got a little worked up over something I didn't think was that big of a deal. He came into the trailer I work in - it's worse than it sounds - and asked me what he thought the deal was with his doctor asking him to come in to talk about lab results. It was a regular physical blood workup and they they didn't say it was urgent or anything. He was convinced that he had leukemia. I tried to reassure him that if it were something like that then he would probably feel sick, or they would tell him to come in right away. I said that it was more likely something like high cholesterol or high blood sugar.

After he got off the phone he looked visibly shaken. You could hear it in his voice. I felt so bad for him that he was getting so upset about it. The nurse insisted that it was nothing terrible and that the doctor does check ups with patients after blood work all the time. He was still convinced of leukemia. I guess I can see where he was coming from because I was convinced that my blood work was going to say I was diabetic just a couple of weeks ago.


adam said...

Just wait until you get to medical school. Over the past semester I thought I had anything from meningitis to melanoma... Medical school has brought out the hypochondriac in me.

LOSTamerican said...

Yeah I could never be a doctor. While I was in Italy I was pretty sure I had cancer, that my stomach was bleeding, and that I had a had an immune deficiency (because i was sick for about 2 out of th 4 months), and that potentialy I was developing schizophrenia (because of giovanni). It turns out Italy was just really dirty and haunted, although you probably don't agree with that. But my point is that you'll be a good doctor cause you'll keep your patients grounded, like how you do for me :)