Monday, March 26, 2007

Facial Memory

This sucks. I have a terrible memory for faces, but I myself am very memorable. No, no, I'm not saying that to sound cocky. I'm 6'4'' and have a huge head with a prominent forehead. Actually, I look like Peyton Manning and have been told this since I was in 7th grade. Just he's 220lbs of muscle, and I'm 200lbs of anything but. Hmm, I guess if I hit the gym and put some weight on I have a better idea of what I would look like... ANYWAY...

So I'm in the Science Building Computer Lab and I'm printing something out and this girl moves around her screen so I can see her face, waves and says "Hi." I wave back and say hello, but I have zeroooo idea who she is. This happens all the time. I actually read an article about people with terrible memories for faces. It sucks. I'm totally "that guy" who everyone knows even if you haven't actually had a conversation with that person. Someone told me once when meeting them that they had seen me all over campus but never knew my name. I, on the other hand, didn't recognize him at all.

I don't even know if I could pick out three guys in my project group in my psychology class. One of them I definitely can. The other two I'm not so confident with. Hopefully we'll have to meet in groups again once more in class so we can setup a meeting outside of class. The same thing goes for my group in my abroad class. Two of the girls I would definitely recognize but the other two I'm not so sure about. And I'll be damned if I know any of these people's names.

Time to go back to studying. Got a 25 on an old MCAT today. Ehhh, not really what I want it to be, but I can't complain since I haven't actually studied outside of taking tests. And I had a ton of time left over for each section so maybe I would have scored higher if I spent that time going over it... :-/

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