Friday, July 18, 2008

Gay Moment

I feel like I have to apologize about the lack of medical-ness of this blog lately. But my medical life is somewhat static right now. I'm in my EMT class, but it's not really worth talking about. My applications for PA school are done, so until I get a job after the summer I guess medical talk is at a stand still.

Which brings me to my disclaimer: I apologize for going GAY two posts in a row.

If you live in California, please make sure you're registered to vote, and also please consider voting AGAINST the BAN on Gay Marriage. It's legal now, but not if this ban gets passed in the upcoming elections.

I don't even think anyone who reads the blog is from Cali. I do, however, have a friend who is, and I asked him to make sure he's registered and to vote. He said that he probably wasn't going to because "it doesn't really matter to me much." Wow, thanks a lot jackass. I let it slide at the moment, but I'm going to call him out on it soon.

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tracy said...

Don't apologize...and i f i were in CA i would do exactly what you say...oops, an accidentle rhyme...! So, EMT no fun? i just re-certified and was just soooo relieved to pass the trauma station, which i failed the first time...(went in to overtime...).

take care, tracy