Tuesday, April 07, 2009

The End, Before the Beginning

I only have 44 days of work left until I start my 5-Week-Pre-PA-School-Vacation. Not like I'm counting or anything.

I'm still trying to figure out what I'm going to with 5 weeks of vacation. I sometimes debate whether that's too long of a break. Roommate is working straight through June and giving himself just 12 days off. Classes start July 13. But I really want to relaxxxx, and I want to be so desperately bored by the end of the vacation that I'll be ready to attack school.

So far I don't have much planned to do during my break. I want to go to Florida for a week at my grandparents condo, but I don't seem to have anyone to go with. During June I might be spending time finding an apartment, if I'm not able to get that taken care of in May. Then I'll probably spend a week getting the apartment ready to be lived in. But that still gives me 3 weeks of nothingness. That's okay though. I really do enjoy sitting and doing nothing. That might make me seem very lazy. But I see it as a gift, because there are so many people who just don't know how to sit and do nothing, even though they really need it.

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mstpbound said...

invite meeeeeeeeeee! :) ... sigh i hate the boards :/