Tuesday, April 28, 2009


Cosmetic Doctor explained to a patient that to get rid of the lines on her forehead she would need botox and that it would cost $400. She was hesitant because of the cost and since it only lasts about 3 months. As she was leaving I told her to check back for specials in May because it could go on sale and in the past had gone for $150 and sometimes needed to be packaged with another procedure. She got really excited about this and even booked a microdermabrasion and laser hair removal at the front desk once she saw they were on sale.

When I walked back to the examination rooms Cosmetic Doctor said to me in a hushed voice, "Guy, don't tell patients to wait on cosmetic procedures to see if they go on sale. We want them to get them now." I gave a simple, "Okay." And I meant it. I wouldn't get involved with that in the future. Even though I have to say I was surprised since Cosmetic Doctor is always trying to give patients fair prices, something Boss Doctor doesn't.

During my lunch break Boss Doctor came in to speak to me. He told me not to talk to patients about past and future prices of cosmetic procedures and that we're trying to get them to do procedures day of. I told him I understood and that I wasn't going to talk pricing anymore. Now I'm not sure how Boss Doctor caught wind of this, but I feel Cosmetic Doctor must have said something to him. I did give him my said of the story though about how I told the patient AS THEY WERE LEAVING and that the patient became very excited and was definitely going to eat up these specials. He actually then seemed to agree with how I handled the situation.

I was shocked that Cosmetic Doctor did that to me. I had never heard him ever go to Boss Doctor about another employee. In the rooms he's ALWAYS asking me about the pricing of things and always seems shocked when I tell him about the prices we charge. I couldn't believe he was trying to get more out of the patient.

But what surprised me more: Boss Doctor later in the day APOLOGIZED TO ME for speaking to me in front of Senior PA. He said it was unprofessional and should have done it in private. I COULDN'T BELIEVE IT!!! It wasn't even a big deal to me when he spoke to me about that. I come from Irish Catholic breeding. I can handle being told I did something wrong and accepting it. I can't remember a single time he ever apologized to someone for being unprofessional and he is OFTEN much more unprofessional. I'm really happy that Boss Doctor looks at me as someone that deserves respect. I started the job with Boss Doctor wanting to fire me badly, and now he's freely apologizing to me!!! This is insanity.

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