Friday, July 03, 2009

Obvious Revelation

This whole time I've trying to get into PA school and waiting for it to start it never dawned on me what that really meant. It means that I'm GOING BACK TO SCHOOL. Gaaaaaaaaah.

I enjoyed working. I liked doing what I liked, getting paid for it, and going home and not working anymore. Doing the school work was the part of college I don't miss. I mean I always knew PA school was going to be hard but I'm just remembering now what the actual act of studying feels like. It's the shit.

Now I'm going to have to remind myself that it's only 12 months of classes. Rotations I can handle. I prefer the abuse during the day and then going home, rather than sitting in class all day just to study more at home. And yes, I'm well aware that there is studying during rotations, but there is just something different about that I think. Maybe I'm completely wrong. I guess time will tell.

I'm going to go stare at my profile on facebook now. Specifically the education "Grad School: M.S., Physician Assistant Studies." I know I'm kind of pathetic.

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